Zion's Bank Interview

On February 13, 2015, Chris Redgrave from Speaking on Business on Zion's Direct TV reviews Alpine Technical Service's role in helping the world achieve clean water. Watch here to learn more.

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Learn How Having the Correct Equipment, Chemicals, and Technical Expertise Will Save You and Your Firm Money

Alpine Technical Services is a Premier Chemical Provider and Industrial Water Treatment Specialist carrying a full line of Water Treatment Equipment and Chemicals, as well as Safety Shower and Eyewash Solutions. Our extensive knowledge and capabilities can help you and your firm minimize facility downtime, reduce wastewater, and protect your employees and the equipment they use.
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What Customers are Saying about us....

Wish all of our suppliers were as good as you!
Karen, Large Oil Refinery
I look forward to working with you on the next order. You and your team are top notch! Take Care.
Stephanie, Global Engineering Firm
"I feel that you and your team put in a great amount of effort and the service was and is excellent."
Brad, Manufacturing Engineer
I love the showers.
Dan, Global Oil Company
I sure appreciate the support and service. You guys are awesome!
Benita, Global Procurement Company
Thank you guys for the best customer service. It's GREAT to see a company take pride in that department.
Jake, Oil and Gas Field Supplier
Sean’s referral is a testament to the great job you did for us...!
Nicole, Global EPC
"These products in conjunction with the services provided by Alpine Technical Services work better than anything else we have tried."
Richard, College Facilities Manager

Alpine Technical Services Joins Inc. 500/5000 2014

“We are highly honored to have placed within the top 50 percent of the companies Inc. is acknowledging in 2014. From water purification to odor management, corrosion inhibitors and even addressing the problem of zebra mussel that plagues many U.S. waterways, we are dedicated to using applied technology and chemical science to deliver newer and better solutions to a growing set of the most difficult challenges our world and our communities face.” - Richard Allred, President & CEO

Chemical Products
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  • Image of a reclamation plant
  • Image of chemical process
  • Image of a boiler

Chemical Products & Service

We are the premier provider of bulk and specialty chemicals. Our network of chemical suppliers allows us to provide you the right product, when you need it, at an excellent value. We specialize in Biocides, Polymers, Friction Reducers, Corrosion Inhibitors, and Scale Inhibitors, with a wide variety of commodities. Our reliable and friendly staff and technicians are ready to fill your order and help you with your chemical needs.
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Safety Showers & Eyewashes

As the exclusive distributor in the Americas for UK-based Showers and Eyebaths Services, we offer best-in-class solutions for many safety shower needs. Our showers meet or exceed the new ANSI Z358.1 2009 standards. These showers and eyebaths are made of the finest materials and with pain-staking care to ensure long-lasting value. We offer ANSI consultation as a free service with any quote. Please let us help you find the best safety shower solution for your needs.
Direct-Plumb Safety Showers Image
Perfect for locations where access to reliable pressurized water is available. Indoor/Outdoor models are available. learn more
Marine Safety Shower Image
Highly durable, designed and manufactured with the potentially extreme forces of the ocean in mind. learn more
Tank-fed Safety Showers Image
When there is no reliable source of pressurized water available, these showers guarantee 15 minutes of tepid water. learn more
Portable Safety Shower Image
These portable showers can be transferred from work site to work site with ease. learn more
Arctic Safety Shower Image
With an insulated and heated cubicle these will properly function in the harshest winter conditions (down to -55°C, -67°F) learn more

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We Look Forward to Serving You!

We recognize that helping our customers add value to their business is the basis of our success. We have a strong commitment to building value for our customers in all we do. Please let us show you what we can do for your business.

Globally Significant
We are a globally significant firm from Utah that is addressing high-end safety and water treatment concerns are are setting national records for growth. We have just been named to the Inc. 500/5000 list for 2014. Congratulations to everyone one our team for your hard work!
Custom Solutions
Operating as a privately held company in Midvale, Utah, we provide custom safety and water treatment solutions. We are a leading provider of high-end safety showers for industrial settings where hazardous chemicals are provided. We are introducing bundles that include chemicals, equipment and safety showers as a complete solution to our clients.
Always Growing
We are currently expanding our focus to address water purification for rural municipalities, in particular. In all, we are dedicated to providing an increasingly larger spectrum of technology and bioscience solutions to answer the needs for cleaner water, safer manufacturing environments and more effective solutions towards the creation of a safer environment and better world.

ATS's BLOG Posts

Our website is much more useful than just an online brochure about our company. At ATS, we develop unique solutions to some of the industrialized world's biggest problems and on this site we share those solutions. See our most recent blog posts below.

If I purchase a gravity-fed cubicle safety shower, how will I make sure the water in the tank is maintained in the ANSI-compliant tepid range?

By |September 10th, 2015|

Since the 2009 revision of the ANSI Z358.1 standard for safety showers and eyewashes, all flushing fluid used in safety showers and eyewashes must be in the “tepid” temperature range of 60°F (15.6°C) to 100°F […]

What is the advantage of a tank-fed safety shower?

By |August 31st, 2015|

There are several important advantages for tank-fed safety showers. Many industrial companies find themselves in situations that are remotely located, with little or no potable water access, but that feature activities which require the use, […]

Does the ANSI standard for safety showers and eyewashes require tepid water?

By |August 20th, 2015|

ANSI Z358.1 was revised in 2009 to include the requirement that all safety shower and eyewash equipment provide flushing fluid in the “tepid” range. The 2014 revision of the ANSI standard did not modify this […]

Installing a GFTS15 Remote Tank and an S370 Safety Shower & Eyewash

By |June 22nd, 2015|

Question: Are there any particular installation details we should consider when installing a GFTS15 Remote Tank and an S370?

The ATS/S&E GFTS15RT is a unique and very flexible safety shower solution which solves many here-to-fore faced […]